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We are a group of young, dynamic HR professionals dedicated to help business, simplify and succeed using state of the art digital technologies. We G2P deliver day to day better outcome for our clients in the field of HR and compliance with comprehensive and specialised service offerings. In simple, we take care of your HR processes while you can take care of your employees and business.


We have it all – for Small & Medium businesses to Corporates. RICEHR is envisioned in making lives simpler for business owners by taking the administrative burden of Payroll & HR of the plates, by expense control minimization, risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation. G2P has grown as a result of helping clients reach their goals carving a niche for itself in the competitive service industry. Trusted by Small & Big Businesses our team has helped for simple, hassle free and efficient HR services.


We have it all – for Small & Medium businesses to Corporates. RICEHR is envisioned in making lives simpler for business owners by taking the administrative burden of Payroll & HR of the plates by expense control minimize risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation. Since then,G2P has grown as a result of helping clients reach their goals carving a niche for itself in the competitive service industry. Trusted Small & Big Businesses from small local companies to large international corporates, businesses trust our team at Payroll Service Company for simple, hassle free and efficient payroll services.


You may be new to payroll management and HR compliance but you can enable your businesses without compliance worries. HR and Payroll outsourcing means you won't have to maintain and manage HR and Payroll Operations full time.


You have a HR and payroll department that deals with large amounts of employee data. Large businesses benefit from the efficiency and cost savings of HR and Payroll outsourcing. Avail RICEHR us as your HR arm and processing hub via our RICE HR solutions.


We are a group of young, dynamic HR professionals dedicated to help business, simplify and succeed using state of the art digital technologies. We G2P deliver day to day better outcome for our clients in the field of HR and compliance with comprehensive and specialised service offerings. In simple, we take care of your HR processes while you can take care of your employees and business.


Current day organizations are forced to become lean and smart by streamlining their business functions to win over the competition. The question that business owners often face is whether to keep performing tasks in-house or to outsource the functions that do not generate revenue or add value to their core business activities. Though HR functions like payroll was typically handled in-house in the past, the need for efficiencies has become the norm of doing business and many companies had realized the benefits of Digitization/Outsourcing their payroll to a managed service payroll provider. RiceHR is a unique HR platform on the cloud which has 'fit to business' solution for outsourcing service providers and direct end user clients who want to retain their processes internally.

Most of the business owners spend enormous amount of money and time to ensure control over their people/HR and Payroll processes, without knowing how to identify the solution which will help them to implement the control what they actually need. At times they end up in automating the process which actually does not add value to the bottom-line of the business.

RiceHR has developed an HRIS system with a principle of Truth, Transparency and Trust in every aspect of design, development and delivery to the business owners. We have seasoned and experienced functional team which actually has taken inputs from hundreds of entrepreneurs and created an HR platform, to ensure a simple step by step approach to implementing the required business controls. Many companies fear the loss of control over their data/process if they host their HR data on the cloud. It is your own space in the secured Cloud, and there is no possibility of data missing or loss of control.

Some business owners think that they cannot get data or reports on time; however, with RiceHR platform or managed services, they actually stay in control as they have access to their data from anywhere and at any time. In managed services, they can pick and choose exactly which part of the functions you want to provide to your outsourcing partner, and which ones you want to keep performing in-house for business confidentiality, if any. It’s not an all-or-nothing strategy. Rather, it’s flexible and scalable to partner with a managed services provider.

You can detail exactly what you want your partner to perform and you can be assured that it gets done by RiceHR team in our managed services.

task for any HR or Finance Head is to ensure discipline inside the organization for payroll inputs. Since in-house teams are more obligatory to handle the last movement request, they end up yielding to peer pressure and lose control over the process due to the last movement changes. RiceHR Cloud solution makes them accountable for these activities and will assist in enforcing management discipline. RiceHR managed services team and its partners know exactly when and where to say ‘NO’ to client leadership request and share a proper explanation which is understandable to the client business manager.

The most important reason to maintain timely delivery of payroll is your legal obligation to pay your employees. Failing to pay them on time will damage your company’s reputation, and may also lead to legal repercussions if is identified during Government inspections.

Paying employees consistently and on time, demonstrates your company’s financial stability. It also impacts employee morale and safeguarding their trust in your business.

You know you need to get payroll done accurately and on time for every pay period—without fail. It’s not something you can neglect. This becomes a challenge for fast growing small organizations. Especially if you manage payroll manually or with an in-house system, the process can quickly become overwhelming.

With RiceHR you may be assured that our powerful configuration engine on the Cloud will help you with an instant solution for most of your challenging situations which the local in-house solutions cannot deliver.

HR statutory, local payroll and tax regulations can be nuanced and complex. With the right solution and partner, you can gain access to expertise in legislation, government regulations, privacy, and security in order to mitigate risks. This is especially valuable if you own a small business or a medium business and have limited payroll expertise in-house. If you choose the right solution or partner they will provide services in an efficient, secure, accurate, and confidential manner, so you can ensure compliance with regulations and ensure that your data is secure from the risk of payroll theft and fraud.

To keep track of all employee information and to organize your HR and payroll tasks, you need to create and maintain a multiple payroll data base and check listing/tracking systems along with your payroll register. Navigating this spreadsheet is a nightmare if the passwords are forgotten or the resource absconds without sharing the password. Your local backup solutions and system backups will become obsolete within 2 to 3 years, whereas the government audit happens only after 3 years. To avoid this embarrassment and risk of losing data due to old versions of the software, the best solution is to move to a Cloud based solution which would get upgraded automatically and your achievement will be as good as your current data. RiceHR unique design has inbuilt component which will identify the redundancy and help us to update the technology which will marry the old traditional system design with the current and future trends.

RiceHR is different from most online payroll accounting systems; we have a fully integrated the Attendance and Payroll modules along with other functions like compensation (employee earnings and benefits) with clear date functions. Having this information is crucial to complete year-end payroll and reports in case of mid-year increase cycle, and to complete payroll tax tasks.

RiceHR solution can ease your compliance worries. Keeping up with legislative updates where ever possible and gives the flexibility to maintain the most critical and difficult but crucial part of the payroll and the local taxation process. You can’t let anything slip, relating to compliance, or you’ll risk facing the payment of fines and penalties. As right partner RiceHR will ensure that you get the regular updates on time and keep you updated of the future trends and changes that may impact your business process in advance.

RiceHR disciplined process automation and real-time calculations help you to maintain payroll compliance. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re always paying your workers and taxes accurately and on time.

Be sure to ask us or your potential payroll provider about its security standards. Payroll information is sensitive by nature, making it crucial for businesses to keep the employee records accurate and secure.

When it comes to payroll, you need to get the numbers right or you’ll get into trouble with the PF, ESI, Income-tax departments and will also be let down in front of your employees. However, with varying tax rates, a multitude of different time sheets and pay scales, different benefits and coverage offered as well as voluntary withholdings, it can be tricky to get it right. When you invest in RiceHR platform or managed services, you get guaranteed accuracy, so you can ensure that your workers get paid correctly and promptly, every time. You won’t lose your employees’ trust from forgetting their overtime pay or getting their hours wrong, and you won’t get audited by the government when the numbers are always accurate.

Payroll processing is an important function for any business—no matter how small. It’s likely your company’s largest expense, and the most time-consuming HR work, performed each month.

Manual processing payroll is not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. When you have to account for overtime, leave, benefits, Income tax deductions and change in salary structures, payroll processing gets complicated. Fixing mistakes can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful.

You may be thinking of investing in payroll software to prevent errors before they happen. You really want to avoid displeasing tax authorities and your employees, as they will notice errors in their pay slips. You have been thinking to save costs as well as to avoid the penalties, as you are aware of the cost of payroll errors are often more expensive than the cost of payroll software.

Investing on local payroll software is a capital intensive option and time consuming activity also. You will get last moment surprises after making the initial payment, if you choose RiceHR; we provide you simple customized solution for your complex problems for a meager implementation cost.

RiceHR managed payroll services provide you with the flexibility you need to turn your fixed overhead costs into a variable cost structure. This is especially important during an economic downturn: as your business shrinks or grows, so do your service costs.

You won’t have to continue paying a hefty salary and benefits to a payroll administrator, if the workload doesn’t warrant the fixed cost. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for payroll software fees, equipment, training, or office supplies to create, process, sign, and print the pay slip, either. You’ll also have access to IT support, best-in-class hosting infrastructure, and software that you couldn’t afford otherwise.

It is an unexpressed internal pain when you know that HR department is spending so much valuable time on maintaining payroll systems, you know that your business can save this time and can spend it on more important activities. Instead of spending hours on manual data entry, researching legislature, and double checking numbers, your HR professionals can focus time and resources on strategy and other critical activities that increase efficiency and productivity. It optimizes your workforce in order to meet your customers’ needs and reach your business goals at the lowest cost possible by just choosing RiceHR solution.

If you have been thinking that payroll processing needs to be strategically managed to ensure successful business operations, RiceHR managed services can be highly beneficial.

There’s always a learning curve when you begin using new software. That being said, your employees should want to use the software and see the benefits, it brings. You don’t want an old clunky system which your staff resents. And you don’t want the staff spending months trying to learn all the platform intricacies.

To promote a smooth transition you can use the RiceHR to its full potential, the technology should be simple to use and built for today’s employers and employees.

Some question to check.

Does the software have an employee portal option? RiceHR ESS portals give your employees anytime, anywhere access to their salaries and allowances records. This will help in promoting a culture of transparency and giving your employees control over their work lives, which will improve their morale.

Easy to learn, use, understand, or deal with. User friendliness is a difficult milestone to meet in a HR product or tool. Since dealing with people and perception to HR process had a fixed mindset, it was a bottleneck for decades. RiceHR team had a challenging task to have a balance in designing a solution which has to be easy to learn, use and understand for both employees and business owners.

One should always have the best tools to accomplish the excellence in making the user experience good and crafting the User interface beautifully. But first, one should know about each of them, and also know about the fact that they are highly different. The user experience is more about the optimization and making their operations smooth and efficient. The User interface, on the other hand, is about the looks and the effects that can be put visually or audibly.

In RiceHR we intend to introduce you to the most useful HR and Payroll functionalities in core and ESS, which we hope will help you to create attractive and user-friendly HR system experience.


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Global Human Resource Professional with 25 years of experience in HR Strategy Planning, Operations, Digital Transformation, HR Data analytics, Talent Management, Shared Services for HR, HRO, COE and Service Delivery.

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